As your local, private nonprofit Humane Society, we are led by a group of local community leaders, just as we were 100 years ago when we were formed! 


2014 Board of Directors


Michelle Hager, 2014-2015  Board President

Sue Conner, 2014-2015  Board Vice-President/Secretary

Mareva Page, 2014-2015  Treasurer


Robin Slattman, Member

Steve Bell, Member

Deana Pfarr-Taylor, Member

Nan Reiff, Member

Ruth Hoffman, Member

Cathy Oetker, Member

Shawn Sech, Member

Ron Waterman, Member

Virginia Elliott, Member

Megan Garner, Member





To contact our Leadership, please click on the button above! A private message will be sent to an officer on our Board. One of our key points in our Vision is to be an organization that is always striving to do better, and we need your input to do so. We value your suggestions, thank you!


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